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Remaking my DA tonight/tomorrow
Commissions are currently [[OPEN]]
go here for prices and ordering:





Now you can find me places :D
Hi o/
I haven't been around in forever. 
How is everyone?
I'll be going for a huge chunk of the day. Will delete when finished.
streaming with a friend
Please note me for prices. :]
I am currently offering fullbody character drawings. 
i'm gonna be rehualing and updating my DA later this week
Does anyone actually still pop over here? o.o
Would anyone be interested in commissions over here? Usually I just take them on my FA account. Didn't know if there would be any interest or not.
I think I'm back. x.O Sorry I'm bad at DA-ing haha

Time to mass update and then clean out some things in the gallery.
keep forgetting to upload here :I
done with the spam so here is a hello